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We are expert in Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing since 20 years.

Customized Contract Manufacturing

SiNi Pharma Pvt. Ltd. specialities include Contract pharmaceutical manufacturing sourced from plants with cGMP and WHO certifications. Pharmaceutical importers and companies greatly benefit from selling privately labelled products. Companies that work with us are able to sell private-label products at lower prices than their branded counterparts while keeping a greater portion of the profit, as fewer intermediaries stand between the manufacturer and the retailer. We are a fully-integrated pharmaceutical company that develops, manufactures and exports pharmaceutical products all over the world making us the most successful customized Contract Manufacturing Pharmaceutical Company in India.

Contract Manufacturing or White-label products do more than just improve profit margins. Successfully implemented white labelling practices establish greater trust between consumers and retailers because:

  • Appearances matter: In highly competitive markets, it’s important to have packaging and labelling that allows your product to stand out. White labelling allows companies to have more control over their image and marketing style.
  • Consumers are disengaging from national brands but still want reassurance: The stigma surrounding generic and OTC pharmaceuticals are disappearing, especially because White-labeled products tend to cost less than their branded peers. High-quality private-label pharmaceuticals play a vital role in raising your business’s brand awareness.
  • The packaging is just as informative as that of branded products: Pharmaceutical and cosmetic products must educate consumers on how to use the product and what results to expect. Not only are clear and effective labels required by governmental and third-party regulators, but they also further establish customer trust in the private-label product.

Some of the salient features of our Contract Manufacturing Service are:

State-of-the art facilities adhering to WHO-GMP specifications

  • Fully computerized system for manufacturing
  • Capabilities to produce dosage forms in sterile and general, covering all therapeutic segments including small and large volume parenterals(SVP and LVP)
  • Dedicated production facilities for Beta-Lactum, Cephalosporin products.
  • Qualified and experienced technical team in each area of Pharma Contract Manufacturing like Quality Control, Quality Assurance and Product Development

Being a focused Contract Manufacturing Company, our customers find us to be the preferred source for their manufacturing requirements and won a clientele that is satisfied with our service quality.

Following is the journey you will onboard with us and we will make sure that the process moves swiftly in each phase:

Production Capacity:

Productions Unit Yearly Production
Tablets 240 Million
Hard Gelatin Capsules 20 Million
Soft Gelatin Capsules 10 Million
Liquid Syrup 6.0 Million
Dry Syrups 6.0 Million
External Preparations/ Ointments/ Creams 6.0 Million
Eye/ Ear Drops 12 Million
Powders 3.0 Million
Yearly Production Yearly Production
Liquid Vials 25 Million
Ampoules 60 Million
Powder For Injections 10 Million
Lyophilized products 6.0 Million
Liquid Vials 25 Million
Ampoules 60 Million
Powder For Injections 10 Million
Lyophilized products 6.0 Million

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What documentation support is provided for special import and product registration?

    Yes, we have inhouse regulatory team that will support you with COA, WHO-GMP, CoPP for special import and also provide dossiers as per the requirement of regulatory authority for product registrations.

    Is it possible to have customised packaging for the products we require?

    Yes, we have inhouse design team that will understand your preference and workout customised packaging for the pharmaceutical products.

    Do you provide port to port shipping services?

    Yes, we will take over all the hassle and provide you quotes as per the mode of transport preffered by the customer for port to port shipments.

    Do you provide Door to Door shipping services?

    We have tie ups with international companies like DHL, FedEx, United Parcel Service etc to provide door to door shipping services for the customers who has stringent lead times at affordable shipment rates via air.

    What If the product requires a Validated cold chain?

    With shifting of pharma industry from synthetic molecules to biologic, proteins etc. temperature maintenance has become as important as the drug itself! According to the WHO – Good Distribution Practices, certain medicines need to be manufactured transported and stored at very specific temperatures. Cold chains is thus a supply chain management process that involves storage and transportation of temperature-sensitive goods (such as vaccines, serums, biological, and test samples) from the time they are manufactured until the time they are used, utilizing thermal and refrigerated packaging methods to help with transportation. SiNi Pharma Pvt. Ltd. has undergone thorough validation of it’s cold chain process as per WHO GDP guidelines and our practices are best in Industry from India.

    Can you supply directly to Hospitals, Institutions & NGO?

    SiNi Pharma Pvt. Ltd. have access to supply, Generics, Super speciality or Speciality medicines used in a treatment of Cancer, HIV/AIDS, Blood disorders, Kidney problems, Heart disorder, Bone-related issues, Nerve disorders, Respiratory Syndromes, Organ Transplant, Immunological disorders, viral etc directly to Hospitals, Institutions & NGO. Our product range includes Life-saving medicines, Orphan drugs/Rare Disease medicines, Over the counter (OTC) medicines & Vaccines to supply private or government hospitals, tenders, NGO’s/Charity & patient in the international market.

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